Back-And-Forth Propagation for Diffraction Tomography


Diffraction tomography has received much attention in recent years. Several algorithms, such as Fourier domain reconstruction and filtered back propagation, that take into account the diffraction of the irradiating waves have been proposed and studied by many workers The algorithm that we have termed back-and-forth propagation for the case of plane-wave insonification is investigated. The theory of this algorithm is reviewed. An integral representation of the estimated object distribution in terms of the source and the received wavefields is then derived. I t is shown that the result is analogous to filtered back propagation in which the f i s t Born approximation has been applied. The similarities in the two approaches are discussed. The application of this algorithm to scanning tomographic acoustic microscopy (STAM) is described. Simulation results for the application of this algorithm to STAM are presented to demonstrate the algorithm’s capability.


7 Figures and Tables

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